We’ve put together a list of useful information to improve your dating experience

For western men that want to meet their other half from Ukraine and get to know beautiful single women, we’ve created a list with a few personal suggestions and common mistakes that we often time see and can be easily avoided.

Consider only the physical appearance

Sadly, we can’t live only off of beautiful pictures on the wall, people have their pros and cons, as well as different strenghts and weaknesses. If a picture catches your attention and you believe that’s what the girl will always look like, we’ve got bad news for you. She might look like a model on evenings and weekends, but we need to understand that they have a regular day-to-day life too. For this single reason, 20% of our profiles receive 80% of the messages and requests, but we want our customer to rest assured that all the ladies on our platform are beautiful, well above the average. 

You never know, everything might be different when you meet her personally. You might fall in love with her ordinary personality, or her normal daily outfits. 

We are far from saying that beuaty isn’t important when looking for a partner. But we need to consider all factors and keep in mind that everyone of us holds something beautiful inside. Somebody might be smart, witty, educated, open.hearted or support you during the hard moments of your life. That’s the key to find the best person for you, the one that will stay by your side for a long time and that you will be able to call your wife. 

Look for the most beautiful women so that their friends envy them

This issue follows directly the one stated above. In some cases, men are only looking for somebody that looks good in photo, resembles a model and looks good when at their next cocktail party. It’s easy to fill your self-esteem when all your friends, colleagues, and the occasional person from over the streets looks at your beautiful partner in awe. It’s got to be one of those beautiful ukrainian models! 

But let’s look at the reality of things, you can’t use her as an ornament, or have her always looking beautiful. She’s a real person, just like you. She has her needs and sometimes she’s not required to wear makeup, look stunning but can just be herself. This is important for each one of use and should be something to be considered when choosing your next partner.

Remember, women that look like models often have high standards in life and are looking for exceptional men in their life! They’re looking for somebody that can give them what they are looking for in life. They are looking for somebody that makes them shine like a diamond 24/7. Is this really the profile of woman that interests you? If not, don’t forget about this suggestions when looking for your soulmate.

Not being satisfied with their choice

Have you found a person that fits at least 90% of your requirements, is single and looks beautiful? Her personality matches yours, she feels like a good fit and doesn’t make your life hard? Our quick tip for you: take her and marry her. Hurry up!

We’re being kind of dramatic here, but there is a truth in there. If you already found a suitable partner, why keep looking for some one that is a bit better, smarter, funnier? We see this mistake far too often. Not being satisfied with their choice. If you’re really looking to be happy, we suggest you to stop doing it and look at the beautiful person already on your side. She is there for a reason, most of the time.

Not publishing personal pictures

If you are really serious about finding your soulmate, you need to have the courage to put yourself out there. Remember, also women like to choose. This is not a prerogative only for men. They like to have an idea about yourself, your personality, your job, your house and like to talk about it with their friends. Before giving you a chance to get in their life, most of the women registered on our platform like to have an idea of who they are meeting. So keep sending those beautiful pictures of yours. We want to see who you are and what you have to offer!

We also advise you not to do the complete opposite: avoid posting hundreds of pictures of your well-lit shirtless bathroom selfies, even if you visit the gym every day! There are many false, deceiving and bad people that use this tactic: stealing pictures of good-looking men from the internet and bombarding our ladies with them at all times. Some of them are then followed by money requests, personal informations and so on. Be careful out there! 

Be yourself and use your common sense when dating. There’s plenty of beautiful women out there looking for the perfect fit to share their life with!

Being too pushy

Many western men want to know if one of our women like them too and feels something regarding their relationship. A good morning text, followed by another and another. Before you know it our ladies receive hundreds of messages in less than half a day. Women from Ukraine like to be reserved when talking to someone, this is part of their culture. If they meet someone that feels too intrusive in their business, they might choose somebody else that lets them be free and enjoy their life too.

We suggest to send a few messages each day, one in the morning and one in the evening. Followed by the occasional Skype meeting 2-3 times a week.

Having too many liked profiles at one time

Fortunately, we can use the internet to visit as many profiles as we want and get to know as many beautiful womes as our hearts desire. But we suggest to try and meet only the ladies that you have a spark with, the one that you can feel it would be helpful to start a relationship. If you try to leave too many conversations open, there might be not enough time to get to know someone better and you will know them only superficially.